Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i need some inspiration.

lately i have been feeling less than inspired. what should i do? so i turned to the internet for some help and this is some of the lovely things that i found simply by searching the word inspiration. i hope you enjoy. maybe it will get me into the studio and ill be able post something that i have done. haha

East wall of my studio by bvanvoorst.

Craft Room by Tara Anderson.

New studio shelf  by Boxwoodcottage.

i just love all of these spaces and the lovely inspiration walls! im working on mine...what does yours look like?
love love love


  1. haha.. you gotta love the wood panelling on the walls (5th pic)

  2. i totally love those wood paneled walls. they're not your typical paneling like what i am covering up in my house...they're white! soooo cool :]