Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Crafty Pirate Is....

In LOUISIANA!!! oh its such fun times! i promise to get better at bloging in 2010!! and have lots of fun stuff to post about my trip!!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

happy birthday today!

today is my best friends birthday!! soooooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMJAY!! (or red as i call her!!!)
i hope your day is amazing! i hope you like your prize!!!

oh and do yall like my new hair cut?? leave me some love please!!!

love love love bwatts
ps it is soooooo cold today! its 24 degrees here i didnt even know there was such a temp. hahaha how are you spending your cold days and nights?

Monday, December 7, 2009

whats the story morning glory?

so apparently i am not so good at keeping up with my blog now that i have 2 jobs but soon it will all change!
sooo here is what i have been up too!

working on ornaments for kimi's exchange!
(i cant show you any pictures yet! but soon)

making yummy chocolate covered pretzles! (one of my favorite holiday traditions)

and of course putting up my christmas decorations!

this is my tree (if you notice the bottom is kinda bare its because we have 2 cats and well you know how they are...ha)

this is the family tree! (if you look really closely you can see one of the ornaments that i made for the swap!)

also i got to write a devotional for the women at my church.

i joined style school!! (omg i am sooo excited!)

oh and did i mention the first snow!! oh my its the most wonderful time of year! im just loving everything about it (well everything but the cold!)

what are you doing to get into the christmas sprit? ill be back with some of my fav. chirstmas songs and some other inspirational things!!!

i hope everyone is having a happy monday!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

so many emotions...

im so sorry that i have been away for so long. but i have a good excuse i promise!

i got a job at like the best place ever!!!

HOBBY LOBBY! its soo fun and of course i KNOW all of the merch!
anyway so i started last wed just as a seasonal worker (im still at outback) and then today they officially hired me on as a part time employee! so i can continue to work after the season...and the best part is i wont be on a cash register.....nope nope ill be in whatever department i choose! i am so excited!! i think i am going to pick seasonal...its the department i know the least about is constantly changing so i think it will be a fun and exciting challenge. plus you cant beat the discount!

on a different note.
im also very sad today, my fish died. and i know that that may seem silly but she was a very special fish to me. first of all she moved with me from louisiana. which means that she road in a car for 14+ hours and still lived! but i got her for a special reason with some special people so...
 R.I.P Olive you were an amazing fish!

ok so im sorry this post is lame so i will be back super soon to post something pretty!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

I FINALY saw Where the Wild Things Are tonight!!! It was sooo good! I loved it.


AND....I finaly figured out what im doing for the ornament swap after many failed attempts its going to be sooo good! Hooray!

I hope everyone has an amazing week!!!
love and blessings

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

happy mail and blessings

today is a great day! dont you think?

heres why for me:

i got this lovely kit in the mail today! hooray for emjay!
i have never won a giveaway or raffle or door prize EVER so this was so exciting! plus what a great kit i can wait to make mine tonight and share it with you!

i started my day with a peppermint mocha! (its my first of the season:) )

 isnt this so beautiful! i have decided that i no longer hate fall i actually quite like it! it is so beautiful!
i feel very blessed to be able to see this beauty that God has crated for the first time this year every time i drive down the street i am reminded just how awesome our God truly is.

i hope that everyone has as blessed day! and i challenge you to stop and look around at all of the beauty God has surrounded us with. ill tell you it will take your breath away.

love love love

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i need some inspiration.

lately i have been feeling less than inspired. what should i do? so i turned to the internet for some help and this is some of the lovely things that i found simply by searching the word inspiration. i hope you enjoy. maybe it will get me into the studio and ill be able post something that i have done. haha

East wall of my studio by bvanvoorst.

Craft Room by Tara Anderson.

New studio shelf  by Boxwoodcottage.

i just love all of these spaces and the lovely inspiration walls! im working on mine...what does yours look like?
love love love

Friday, October 23, 2009

I've got a feeling...

....that tonights gunna be a good night!

everytime my mom and i go on a vacation of any sort we pick a "vacation song". This is the song that we sing constantly on the way and during the vacation, and it usually describes (why) we are on said trip. Well this week when I went to see mom in florida we drove home to LOUISIANA for 48 short hours. but they were the BEST 48 hours!!! the song we chose was "I've got a feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas who we both love love love and the song was very fitting so here are some pictures from "the good night"! haha how cheese-y :)

best friends are the best!

my mommy!

as you can see there was lots of laughing! and about 100 more pics :) there is nothing better than hanging out with your 2 best friends and your mom in downtown baton rouge on a friday night! well unless its saturday night in tiger stadium! or a sunday at uncle lances...haha (all of thoes things are in louisiana, but dont get me wrong i love kentucky too!)

my beautiful mom and sister

2 of my cousins Sam and Alex and my sister Kassidy

isnt my sister beautiful?
these were all taken at uncle lances!

well in case you were still wondering i had an absolutely amazing 48 hours in la! (unfortunately there are no pictures from saturday...i think we were all so busy catching up that i didnt even think about it...)
perhaps i will be back with a post about oh i dont know something crafty? haha :) i will leave you with this picture of my moms back yard...

arent you jealous? i know i am!
over and out! haha

(now are you happy red)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Its Giveaway Time!

Ok so I promise to come back and post a ton of pictures from my trip....but for now I must share this cutiepatutie giveaway on my friend Traci's blog! Look how CUTIE this magnet board is!

So know I know you want to enter! all you have to do is go to her blog here and write her a comment. Now go on and do it! :)
Have a happy day!
love love love

Friday, October 16, 2009

i have butterflies in my belly....

this is such an exciting weekend for me! not only am i in florida with my mommy right now but today we are driving home to louisiana to see all of our favorite people! i am so excited that the only real way to describe it is that i have butterflies in my belly! tonight is downtown with my 2 besties -3 besties ( i will see them tomorrow!) i promise lots of pictures and updates!


oh here is a pic of what i did yesterday!!! hello beach! love.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Tonight for the very first time (after hundreds of tries) I made a PAPER CRANE!!! here is a pic of my first one! haha

and a pic of all of the failures before this one from tonight....haha!

Thank you Janel for inspiring me to try again! My old roomie is getting married next weekend and Janel posted a story about if you give 1000 mini paper cranes as a wedding gift it means 1000 years of happiness  sooo... perhaps I have a new project! You can read about it here! Oh and I can not wait to get my paper crane from Janel herself! hehe :)

Tonight was such a wonderful night! I did some of my favorite things...
I painted a new picture. I am trying to decide if I need to add something or not...what do you think?

I watched one of my absolute favorite movies.... YAYA! (the divine secrets of the yaya sisterhood.) It is not only a great movie but it reminds me of a very special time. It was the summer I graduated and me my mom emjay and her mom all went and saw this on the day it came out. It was such a special night with 3 very special ladies before I went off to school! Such sweet memories and I still cry every time I watch it. Emjay do you remember?

ooo and I did a little bit of fall decorating in my studio! Thats right I have candy corn! haha

Oh and I decided what im going to do for Kimi's orniment swap! Check her out here!

Well I do believe that is all I have for tonight...I hope everyone has happy dreams about fall leaves and candy corn!!

EDIT: here is the link to the video tutorial that taught me how to make the cranes! 

Monday, September 28, 2009

Today is FALL and I like it! Its the light breeze and the smell that fills the air. Oh and I really love to have all of the windows up too!
OK so many things to tell you about....where to start?

OOO I got to see FAME! today! It is AMAZING!!!

Everyone must see it!

Here are the pics of my thrifty finds that I promised last week! (sorry it took me so long.)

a new jar for my collection!

a set of 6 white saucers

they are so cute they have a basket weave around the rim

more saucers but these are vintage yellow and green wood grain (sadly there are only 2 green ones)

and the cutest little tea cup ever!
So thats some of my cute finds I got one more thing and I are turning it into something fabulous! ha

This is a little thing that i fixed up for my secret sister at church! I love repurposing things!

I filled it with jelly bellys!
I loved having a secret sister to make things for! And I totally love her as a person! Shes just great! And the lovely lady that had me is AMAZING! She was the best and I cant wait to continue getting to know her!  (Ill post pics of what she made me soon!)

My little brother now has a blog. Its not a crafty blog like mine, hes a writer a good one at that so go check it out and say hello! Bryan!

and last but not least actually probably they best thing ever!!!!!
Today I bought a plane ticket to go see my mom in Destin in 2 weeks!!!! Im so excited I cant even describe it! Ill be there for 5 days! Did I mention how unbelievably excited I am!!! HA

Well I do believe thats all I have for today (i guess it was alot).
I hope everyone had a happy Monday!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Photo Booth Friday!

TGIF!! Happy friday! I know I said that I would post pics of my thrifting finds...but I had to go to a funeral today so perhaps tomorrow. In the mean time I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

Wow do you know what I just last 3 post have had sophie in them. Ha I'm really not a crazy dog lady, I just think that she is really cute! Haha so maybe I am a crazy dog lady!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Goodnight sweetheart, goodnight...

Sophie and I just wanted to drop in and say goodnight. I'll be back tomorrow with my super fun thrifty finds!

bwatts and sophie too!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Somethings in the air...

Ok so fall is not so much my favorite season but this year for some reason im really looking forward to it. Maybe its because I'm in a place where the leaves will actually change color or I'm looking forward to whats coming up in my life. But whatever it is I am really excited. I walked outside this morning to take my dog Sophie to the groomer and it was I had to turn on the heat! It was very exciting!

Today was the last day of summer and it was just gross so I couldn't even enjoy it. But thats ok.

Its been a rough day for me today. I found out that I did not get a job at Toyota and so now I have to figure out what the heck I am going to do. But its all good. When God closes one door he openes another. So I will leave you with a little bit of inspiration for you on this very gloomy day. Its a commercial for the Toyota Prius and for some reason it just really inspires me. I hope you like it too! check it out here: inspiration

goodnight my friends

Oh and p.s. you should go check out my friend Tracy's blog. She is an amazing woman of God and also incredibly creative and talented! She would love for you to stop in and say HI! Stop in here.
Oh and p.s.s. her mom was diagnosed with stomach cancer just a short while ago so if you read about her mom thats what shes talking about. Your prayers would be so appreciated.