Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Tonight for the very first time (after hundreds of tries) I made a PAPER CRANE!!! here is a pic of my first one! haha

and a pic of all of the failures before this one from tonight....haha!

Thank you Janel for inspiring me to try again! My old roomie is getting married next weekend and Janel posted a story about if you give 1000 mini paper cranes as a wedding gift it means 1000 years of happiness  sooo... perhaps I have a new project! You can read about it here! Oh and I can not wait to get my paper crane from Janel herself! hehe :)

Tonight was such a wonderful night! I did some of my favorite things...
I painted a new picture. I am trying to decide if I need to add something or not...what do you think?

I watched one of my absolute favorite movies.... YAYA! (the divine secrets of the yaya sisterhood.) It is not only a great movie but it reminds me of a very special time. It was the summer I graduated and me my mom emjay and her mom all went and saw this on the day it came out. It was such a special night with 3 very special ladies before I went off to school! Such sweet memories and I still cry every time I watch it. Emjay do you remember?

ooo and I did a little bit of fall decorating in my studio! Thats right I have candy corn! haha

Oh and I decided what im going to do for Kimi's orniment swap! Check her out here!

Well I do believe that is all I have for tonight...I hope everyone has happy dreams about fall leaves and candy corn!!

EDIT: here is the link to the video tutorial that taught me how to make the cranes! 

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  1. i DO remember!!! it was such a great summer! :] i love you and can not wait until you come next week!