Monday, September 28, 2009

Today is FALL and I like it! Its the light breeze and the smell that fills the air. Oh and I really love to have all of the windows up too!
OK so many things to tell you about....where to start?

OOO I got to see FAME! today! It is AMAZING!!!

Everyone must see it!

Here are the pics of my thrifty finds that I promised last week! (sorry it took me so long.)

a new jar for my collection!

a set of 6 white saucers

they are so cute they have a basket weave around the rim

more saucers but these are vintage yellow and green wood grain (sadly there are only 2 green ones)

and the cutest little tea cup ever!
So thats some of my cute finds I got one more thing and I are turning it into something fabulous! ha

This is a little thing that i fixed up for my secret sister at church! I love repurposing things!

I filled it with jelly bellys!
I loved having a secret sister to make things for! And I totally love her as a person! Shes just great! And the lovely lady that had me is AMAZING! She was the best and I cant wait to continue getting to know her!  (Ill post pics of what she made me soon!)

My little brother now has a blog. Its not a crafty blog like mine, hes a writer a good one at that so go check it out and say hello! Bryan!

and last but not least actually probably they best thing ever!!!!!
Today I bought a plane ticket to go see my mom in Destin in 2 weeks!!!! Im so excited I cant even describe it! Ill be there for 5 days! Did I mention how unbelievably excited I am!!! HA

Well I do believe thats all I have for today (i guess it was alot).
I hope everyone had a happy Monday!

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  1. first, i am sooo jealous of that jar...and second, did you say woodgrain?!? not only am i jealous of that as well, but i'm shocked that you are liking woodgrain now! :] yay!