Saturday, September 26, 2009

Photo Booth Friday!

TGIF!! Happy friday! I know I said that I would post pics of my thrifting finds...but I had to go to a funeral today so perhaps tomorrow. In the mean time I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

Wow do you know what I just last 3 post have had sophie in them. Ha I'm really not a crazy dog lady, I just think that she is really cute! Haha so maybe I am a crazy dog lady!


  1. you ARE a crazy dog lady. but it's ok, because you have a crazy cute dog. when she's not pooping on my carpet, that is. :]

    love you!

  2. better to be a crazy dog lady than a crazy cat lady.. thats just wrong. haha

  3. hey, there's nothing wrong with crazy cat ladies mister...