Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Somethings in the air...

Ok so fall is not so much my favorite season but this year for some reason im really looking forward to it. Maybe its because I'm in a place where the leaves will actually change color or I'm looking forward to whats coming up in my life. But whatever it is I am really excited. I walked outside this morning to take my dog Sophie to the groomer and it was cold...like I had to turn on the heat! It was very exciting!

Today was the last day of summer and it was just gross so I couldn't even enjoy it. But thats ok.

Its been a rough day for me today. I found out that I did not get a job at Toyota and so now I have to figure out what the heck I am going to do. But its all good. When God closes one door he openes another. So I will leave you with a little bit of inspiration for you on this very gloomy day. Its a commercial for the Toyota Prius and for some reason it just really inspires me. I hope you like it too! check it out here: inspiration

goodnight my friends

Oh and p.s. you should go check out my friend Tracy's blog. She is an amazing woman of God and also incredibly creative and talented! She would love for you to stop in and say HI! Stop in here.
Oh and p.s.s. her mom was diagnosed with stomach cancer just a short while ago so if you read about her mom thats what shes talking about. Your prayers would be so appreciated.


  1. well its currently 90 degrees here.. so enjoy your heater =P i've got my own: the sun. sorry to hear you didn't get the job but it's good to see the optimism. everything happens for a reason (no compromise.. hehe).


  2. isn't is awesome to know that no matter what, God always has a plan for us :) Just keep that in mind, and we never have to worry!!! Happy fall <3