Thursday, November 19, 2009

so many emotions...

im so sorry that i have been away for so long. but i have a good excuse i promise!

i got a job at like the best place ever!!!

HOBBY LOBBY! its soo fun and of course i KNOW all of the merch!
anyway so i started last wed just as a seasonal worker (im still at outback) and then today they officially hired me on as a part time employee! so i can continue to work after the season...and the best part is i wont be on a cash register.....nope nope ill be in whatever department i choose! i am so excited!! i think i am going to pick seasonal...its the department i know the least about is constantly changing so i think it will be a fun and exciting challenge. plus you cant beat the discount!

on a different note.
im also very sad today, my fish died. and i know that that may seem silly but she was a very special fish to me. first of all she moved with me from louisiana. which means that she road in a car for 14+ hours and still lived! but i got her for a special reason with some special people so...
 R.I.P Olive you were an amazing fish!

ok so im sorry this post is lame so i will be back super soon to post something pretty!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

I FINALY saw Where the Wild Things Are tonight!!! It was sooo good! I loved it.


AND....I finaly figured out what im doing for the ornament swap after many failed attempts its going to be sooo good! Hooray!

I hope everyone has an amazing week!!!
love and blessings

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

happy mail and blessings

today is a great day! dont you think?

heres why for me:

i got this lovely kit in the mail today! hooray for emjay!
i have never won a giveaway or raffle or door prize EVER so this was so exciting! plus what a great kit i can wait to make mine tonight and share it with you!

i started my day with a peppermint mocha! (its my first of the season:) )

 isnt this so beautiful! i have decided that i no longer hate fall i actually quite like it! it is so beautiful!
i feel very blessed to be able to see this beauty that God has crated for the first time this year every time i drive down the street i am reminded just how awesome our God truly is.

i hope that everyone has as blessed day! and i challenge you to stop and look around at all of the beauty God has surrounded us with. ill tell you it will take your breath away.

love love love