Wednesday, November 4, 2009

happy mail and blessings

today is a great day! dont you think?

heres why for me:

i got this lovely kit in the mail today! hooray for emjay!
i have never won a giveaway or raffle or door prize EVER so this was so exciting! plus what a great kit i can wait to make mine tonight and share it with you!

i started my day with a peppermint mocha! (its my first of the season:) )

 isnt this so beautiful! i have decided that i no longer hate fall i actually quite like it! it is so beautiful!
i feel very blessed to be able to see this beauty that God has crated for the first time this year every time i drive down the street i am reminded just how awesome our God truly is.

i hope that everyone has as blessed day! and i challenge you to stop and look around at all of the beauty God has surrounded us with. ill tell you it will take your breath away.

love love love


  1. Brittany,
    I love your attitude! And I love peppermint mocha too! Now I am totally cravin' it.
    Maybe I will get me one tonight.
    Fall is my favorite season. So much beauty around us. Sometimes the colors of the leaves takes my breath away. Especially the red!
    I am thankful for today!
    Bless you, sweet girl.

  2. Sadly the leaves just go from green to dead down here.. No pretty colors :( but it's all good haha! Those are some great pictures though! I've always loved the fall (even despite the lack of a real fall haha).. Just the crispness of the air.. Perfect weather (not too cold, not too hot).. Absolutely love it!

    Plus there's the excitement of Thanksgiving & Christmas coming up soon.. Can't get much better than that! Oh and then there's always hanging out enjoying banana pancakes haha! :)

    muchlove, trenticus