Thursday, November 19, 2009

so many emotions...

im so sorry that i have been away for so long. but i have a good excuse i promise!

i got a job at like the best place ever!!!

HOBBY LOBBY! its soo fun and of course i KNOW all of the merch!
anyway so i started last wed just as a seasonal worker (im still at outback) and then today they officially hired me on as a part time employee! so i can continue to work after the season...and the best part is i wont be on a cash register.....nope nope ill be in whatever department i choose! i am so excited!! i think i am going to pick seasonal...its the department i know the least about is constantly changing so i think it will be a fun and exciting challenge. plus you cant beat the discount!

on a different note.
im also very sad today, my fish died. and i know that that may seem silly but she was a very special fish to me. first of all she moved with me from louisiana. which means that she road in a car for 14+ hours and still lived! but i got her for a special reason with some special people so...
 R.I.P Olive you were an amazing fish!

ok so im sorry this post is lame so i will be back super soon to post something pretty!



  1. OMG Hobby Lobby is the best place ever! I can shop in there for hours upon hours! I wish I could work there I would spend my whole paycheck before I walked out the door with it! Now I'm itching to go! Sorry to hear about your fish, it's always hard losing a pet :(

  2. we'll at least Olive has some company in fishy heaven now with B.B., Marty, Jesus, & Pitre haha =)

  3. bye bye olive :/ i will miss you terribly. i enjoyed spending time with you and helping introduce you to your new home :[ you are loved