Friday, October 23, 2009

I've got a feeling...

....that tonights gunna be a good night!

everytime my mom and i go on a vacation of any sort we pick a "vacation song". This is the song that we sing constantly on the way and during the vacation, and it usually describes (why) we are on said trip. Well this week when I went to see mom in florida we drove home to LOUISIANA for 48 short hours. but they were the BEST 48 hours!!! the song we chose was "I've got a feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas who we both love love love and the song was very fitting so here are some pictures from "the good night"! haha how cheese-y :)

best friends are the best!

my mommy!

as you can see there was lots of laughing! and about 100 more pics :) there is nothing better than hanging out with your 2 best friends and your mom in downtown baton rouge on a friday night! well unless its saturday night in tiger stadium! or a sunday at uncle lances...haha (all of thoes things are in louisiana, but dont get me wrong i love kentucky too!)

my beautiful mom and sister

2 of my cousins Sam and Alex and my sister Kassidy

isnt my sister beautiful?
these were all taken at uncle lances!

well in case you were still wondering i had an absolutely amazing 48 hours in la! (unfortunately there are no pictures from saturday...i think we were all so busy catching up that i didnt even think about it...)
perhaps i will be back with a post about oh i dont know something crafty? haha :) i will leave you with this picture of my moms back yard...

arent you jealous? i know i am!
over and out! haha

(now are you happy red)

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