Thursday, December 10, 2009

happy birthday today!

today is my best friends birthday!! soooooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMJAY!! (or red as i call her!!!)
i hope your day is amazing! i hope you like your prize!!!

oh and do yall like my new hair cut?? leave me some love please!!!

love love love bwatts
ps it is soooooo cold today! its 24 degrees here i didnt even know there was such a temp. hahaha how are you spending your cold days and nights?


  1. Love the new haircut!! it's -9 degrees here, staying curled up under blankets here.. Wishing I was in Louisiana right about now!! Thanks for following me on Twitter :)

  2. def. love the new haircut! it looks really good :) yeh so 24 degrees is pretty flippin cold! its dang cold here too but def not 24 haha.. anyway, peace out killa!

  3. looooove the new haircut and thanks for the birthday shoutout!!! i am so sorry that i didn't get to your prize in time :/ but i still love you mucho and can't wait to see you at the end of the month!!!!