Sunday, August 30, 2009

If I could rule the world...

...Everyday would be Sunday!
I love Sunday... its my favorite day of the week.. its really the only day that I get to just be and not really have anything that I have to do, I only do things that I want to do. I love to get up and go to church and then spend the rest of the day with my family and friends just hanging out and doing whatever we like.
Sunday is also the day that I miss my mom the most. So today in honor of my favorite day Im going post about favorites. Today Ill thought I'd do my some of my fave ladies. These are the girls who have made me who I am today and who inspire me constantly.

First is my mom. She is my everything. (miss you mommy!)

Red(or as yall know her emjay) my bestest friend ever.

Momma Joyce(shes technically my step mom but shes had me since I was 4...shes totally my mom too!)

Ash! another best friend! shes the best!

My sister Kassidy enough said.

My Mer Bear...she is my lets be silly and dance around the house friend.

Jessi my new kentucky bff.

Jenny, the one who keeps me sane! 
Ok so thats a lot of ladies...but they are my girls without who I would go absolutely  crazy!
Ill be back tomorrow with some art work and eye candy...Hope everyones Sunday was a Funday!

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